Bryon Perdue

Oklahoma City, OK

I find it fascinating and difficult to grasp the fact that all of existence is composed and governed by interconnected systems we cannot experience. We navigate our lives with little to no acknowledgement of this and yet these systems are the foundation of our reality. The realness of our lives is based on the shallow understandings our senses can provide, but ourselves and the universe are much more complex. In my artwork I create physically real line drawings of organic and geometric patterns to represent the actuality, complexity and variance of existence. 


My artwork is composed of individual systems of spontaneous pattern building through the utilization of variety, scale, repetition and physical space. It is only by the accumulation of the chosen shapes that readable patterns are created. I emphasize the reality of these patterns by cutting out the negative space that exists between each line. To further emphasize the importance of these physical lines, I use spacers to separate the drawing from the substrate and also to add additional layers of patterning. This is to convey the necessary harmony and balance of the systems that create our perceivable existence. In addition, I incorporate color into my work by filling the negative spaces with layered ink washes to emphasize the patterns and create more relationships of spontaneity. Each pattern is isolated in its own space, but shares common elements with the others, allowing cooperative balance to exist while emphasizing their separate and unique existence.  


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Bryon Perdue 19 (Covalent)

Bryon Perdue