Janet Goertz

My name is Janet Goertz.  I am an Oklahoma artist who lives in the country with my husband, dogs and horses.  Ever since I can remember I have been drawn to nature, animals, and learning different crafts including stained glass, floral design, and hair styling which I did professionally for 30 years.

For years I explored different crafts but in the year 2000 I found sculpting and in turn my passion.  I started my adventure with a small class and struck out from there on my own.  First I worked with oil clay and created molds for both indoor and outdoor stone casts.  Using my knowledge of color and balance from floral design and stained glass I realized I could give each cast its own unique flair and personality.

Next I experimented with water-based clay, which gave me the opportunity to sculpt without the need for creating molds and the chance to fire my own works.  Most of my sculptures today are done using this method.  Recently, however, I discovered, a wonderful clay made from pure ground silver that allows me to sculpt pieces that after firing transforms into beautiful jewelry that is 999 fine silver. I am still learning and experimenting and having fun.


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