Glass by MSSE

Ellen Schmidt and Matt Schwarz

Oklahoma City, OK

Glass by MSSE is Matt Schwarz and Ellen Schmidt. They got into glasswork separately and met when they had adjacent studio time at Blue Sage Studios in Oklahoma City. They have been working together since 2013. Matt has a BA in Engineering, and Ellen has a BFA in Theatre Production with an emphasis in lighting design, so their work is equally driven by process, design, and function.


Our work started as experiments with form and color, and over time we developed a clean aesthetic which emphasizes that glass begins as a liquid. We base our pieces on bold colors suspended in clear and allowing the glass in its fluid state to settle into a final and unforced form. It’s important to us that our art is also functional, so this glass is equally at home on your shelf, holding flowers on your dining room table, or as a bowl for your movie-night popcorn.


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